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Grow Your Renewal Revenue.

Increase Maintenance and Subscription Renewals

with an interactive and automated renewal platform

What are your renewal challenges?

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Simplify Process

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Grow Your Service Revenue with Dalos App

Increase Profits

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Streamline Communication

Renewals Shouldn't Be Complicated

If you're a tech company, then you know just how difficult it is
to grow your subscription renewal revenue.

Tracking maintenance & subscription

Tracking maintenance & subscription contracts can be tricky.

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Connecting to customers is incredibly time-consuming.


Missing out on revenue due to inefficiency is downright frustrating.

Don't let good business slip through the cracks!

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Capitalize on Your Existing Technology Stack

We make integration simple!

DalosApp - how it works

Dalos’ advanced data integration and cleansing capabilities transform raw and unorganized data into meaningful and actionable dashboards. Dalos provides business intelligence to centralize renewal opportunities, forecast upcoming renewal revenue and identify up-sell potential.

Accelerate Your Business

An interactive and automated SaaS platform, Dalos gives you the ability to retain and sustain your client-base through streamlined automation and intelligent data analytics.

With an innovative platform created specifically for technology companies

Growth Revenue

Drive Sales

Stay on top of renewal schedules
through simple automation that will
track and notify you of upcoming
contract deadlines.

  • Make your renewal process more efficient
  • Provide easy upsells to current customer bas
  • Increase percent of contracts renewed
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Retain More Customers

Improve customer experience to cultivate and nurture ongoing relationships with an easy-to-use customer portal.

  • Connect to the right people with
    targeted funnels
  • Minimize friction points with
    easy-to-follow workflows
  • Use innovative tech to offer personalized service
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Maximize Profits

Gain serious traction with marketing automation and comprehensive data to grow your business strategically.

  • Connect to the right people with
    targeted funnels
  • Minimize friction points with
    easy-to-follow workflows
  • Use innovative technology to offer personalized service
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Leave no contract behind!

We simplify onboarding!

Innovate Your Renewal Process
Maximize Retention and Build a Healthy Service Margin