The Best Software Asset Management Tools for Business

What are SAM Tools?

SAM Tools refer to software asset management products designed to automate various tasks involved in achieving and sustaining compliance with independent software vendor (ISV) license usage rights. These tools aim to enhance organizations’ capacity to optimize software risk management and expenditure. They offer comprehensive software asset analysis by deciphering software license entitlements, automating the collection of software usage data, establishing an effective license position (ELP) with ISVs, governing software assets, optimizing software value delivery, and facilitating information sharing with other tools and stakeholders.

Why is SAM important to any organization?

Software asset management (SAM) holds significant importance for organizations due to the following reasons:

License Compliance

SAM helps ensure that organizations are in compliance with software licenses and usage rights. It enables them to track and manage software installations, licenses, and usage, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential legal consequences.

Cost Optimization

SAM allows organizations to optimize software spend by gaining visibility into their software assets and usage. It helps identify unused or underutilized licenses, enabling cost savings through license optimization, software consolidation, and renegotiation of license agreements.

Risk Mitigation

SAM helps mitigate software-related risks, such as security vulnerabilities, data breaches, and system failures. By regularly updating and patching software, organizations can address vulnerabilities and maintain a secure and stable software environment.

Improved Productivity

Effective SAM ensures that employees have access to the right software tools and versions they need to perform their tasks efficiently. It minimizes software compatibility issues, reduces downtime caused by software failures, and enhances overall productivity and user satisfaction.

Vendor Relationship Management

SAM promotes better relationships with software vendors. By having accurate software usage data, organizations can negotiate more favorable license agreements, optimize vendor relationships, and maintain transparency in software asset management practices.

Future Planning

SAM provides valuable insights into an organization’s software landscape, including usage patterns, trends, and lifecycle information. This data helps organizations make informed decisions regarding software investments, upgrades, and retirement, aligning their IT strategies with business goals.

Here’s the list of some SAM tools in the market:

Snow License Manager

Snow License Manager provides a consolidated view of all assets, including end-user computing, data center, SaaS, public cloud and hardware. You can manage multiple deployment models, software vendors, device types, and locations with just one interface. Customizable dashboards with detailed analytics, drill-down and filters enable quick access to data. Plus, audit data can be imported from multiple inventory sources to cover the full range of platforms.

SAM Tool | Dalos

FlexNet Manager

FlexNet Manager manage and rightsize your assets with our industry-leading management solutions. With IT asset management scaled for enterprises, we’ll enable better license management to save time and money through software license optimization. By more efficiently managing vendor relationships and contracts with Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and many more, you can achieve remarkably better results. And your organization will gain a path for growth.

FlexNet Manager | SAM Tool

Certero for Enterprise SAM is anything but just another SAM tool. It stands apart from the competition in many ways, from its use of hyper-scalable cloud architecture to deliver an unrivalled implementation and onboarding experience, to advanced inventory and licensing capabilities to support your most complex and expensive software publishers.  


BMC Helix IT Service Management is a cloud-native SaaS solution leveraging AI and automation to accelerate IT team results.

BMC Helix ITSM | SAM Tool

USU License Management (SmartTrack)

USU License Management (SmartTrack) is the software license management tool runs powerful analyses to calculate exactly the software licenses you need and ensure that your licensing is used legally. We handle all the complex calculations — so you don’t have to.

USU License Management | SAM Tool

Dalos IT Asset Management

Dalos helps you to centralize your technology tracking with our powerful platform. Our intuitive dashboard will help you monitor, analyze and collate all of your technology data in one place. With a variety of customizable features, our platform allows you to quickly access your assets information you need and make informed decisions on the spot – ensuring greater efficiency, and providing unparalleled accuracy at minimal cost.

Dalos IT Asset Manager | SAM Tool | Equipment Tracking Software

With these asset management tools, your organization will gain several benefits and improvements in managing software assets.

Unlock the power of team collaboration with these Software Asset Management tools, and learn more how Dalos integrates with your existing infrastructure to provide visibility into Asset Management.

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