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A simple idea turned into an amazing
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DalosApp Features

Feature- Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboard & Analytics

Monitor key metrics to gain insight into renewal rate and profitability. Learn more about end-user buying and engagement behavior to improve the Customer Experience.

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Dalos Feature -service renewal management

Service Renewal Management

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Leap-frog your competition with our interactive and automated SaaS platform
created specifically for technology companies.
Manage quotes, subscriptions, pricing margin, and contract terms.

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Dalos Feature- Quote Delivery Automation

Quote Delivery Automation

Benefit from sophisticated logic and a highly intelligent quoting engine workflow. Send automated and customized emails based on end-user actions.

End-User Smart Web Portal

End-User Smart Web Portal

Dalos Feature - Interactive Studio

Interactive Studio

View real-time activities related to all end-user interactions within the Smart Web Portal.

Interactive Studio Feature

Provide a significant value-add service. Not only can the end-user renew the subscription, but they can also view all contracts, asset details, sales orders and invoice transactions, just to name a few.

Dalos Feature - interface
Dalos Feature element (payment)

Payment Processing

Collect payment through the quote-to-cash (Q2C) module utilizing a secure payment gateway once the end-user accepts the quote.

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