Gain visibility & control of your Assets, Maintenance Contracts, Software licenses and subscriptions.

Gain full visibility into your entire asset portfolio with our Subscription & Asset Intelligence Platform – the ultimate solution to manage maintenance  contracts, software subscriptions and more in one streamlined space. 

Renewal Metric Dashboard - Resellers & MSPs

Dalos Leverages Your Existing Infrastructure

Dalos integrates with leading Cloud Providers, including ERP and CRM systems to maximize your infrastructure ROI

All The Features Resellers and System Integrators
Need To Increase Renewal Revenue

Never miss another renewal opportunity again. Our powerful
features and intuitive dashboards
allow you to increase
revenue, enhance customer experience and capitalize
on up-sell

Quote Automation​

Access, manage and close renewal opportunities in your white-labeled interactive portal and provide the ultimate user experience by enabling end-users to determine quote response.

Customer Web Portal

Provide customers access to information on assets, subscriptions, maintenance contracts, serial numbers and more on this self-service web portal.

IT Network Monitoring​

Monitor the health and performance of your entire network infrastructure, track network assets and provide real-time monitoring and notifications.

IT Asset Management​

Eliminate the headaches that come with trying to manually monitor your IT assets; accurately track and manage software and hardware through all stages of the product lifecycle.

Contract Management​

Consolidate contract information and uncover detailed analytics for your product and service agreements. Visualize contract details including asset serial and software license numbers; 3rd party contract numbers; asset OEM, model, type and more.

Contract & Subscription Renewal

Transform your process with automatic reminders and renewal tracking, allowing you to ditch the spreadsheets and calendar reminders most commonly usedto renew maintenance and subscription contracts.

Email Collaboration​

Engage with your customers utilizing the built-in email collaboration capability. Never miss an email directed at one team member by empowering the appropriate team members to view and respond to customer emails.


Interact with your customers in real time and provide instant support when they need it the most, allowing you to improve customer satisfaction and increase renewal sales.

Payment Processing​

Streamline payment and revenue recognition with automated payment processing and integrated credit card services using your existing credit card processor.

Customer Success Support​

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24x7 support. - our team will work closely with yours to understand your business’ unique goals and processes and will quickly respond to your requests following implementation.

Grow Your Renewal Revenue. Guaranteed.

What are your renewal challenges?

Accelerate Your Business

An interactive and automated SaaS platform, Dalos gives you the ability to retain and sustain your client-base through streamlined automation and intelligent data analytics.

With an innovative platform created specifically for Resellers and Systems Integrators

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Drive Sales

Stay on top of renewal schedules through simple automation that will track and automatically
generate renewal quotes 90-120 days prior to expiration.

Metrics Dashboard - Resellers & MSPs
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white circle with broke arrow image graphic
sales growth chart vector

Retain More Customers

Improve customer experience to cultivating and nurturing ongoing relationships with an easy-to-use customer portal.

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Maximize Profits

Instantaneously send quotes and improve quote-to-cash processes. Never miss a sales opportunity and leave your staff free to pursue other revenue-generating activities, while our quote automation handles many tasks in the background, including:

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