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Renewal Automation Simplified For Resellers and System Integrators

Dalos integrates with your existing ERP and CRM, making maintenance contract and subscription renewal management easy and efficient. Don’t waste any more time struggling with complex spreadsheets and siloed systems - with Dalos you can:

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Improve Your Renewal Subscription Revenue

Dalos offers an intuitive maintenance contract and subscription renewal automation system to meet your customer requests instantly and effortlessly. The end-user determines the renewal response, which means you’re free to work on your business and provide the ultimate user experience. Access, manage, and close quotes in your interactive Smart Web Portal.

Never Miss A Renewal Opportunity

Achieve your business goals and increase your service revenue by delivering instantaneous renewal automated quotes faster and more streamlined than ever before.

Eliminate Siloed Systems

Stop using multiple spreadsheets and systems to organize, manage and send your quotes and allow our quote automation tool to maximize your resources and delight your customers.

Provide Visibility Into Renewal Status

Build trust with your customers and enhance their experience by offering visibility into their quote status and including all possible variables to their quote.

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How Renewal Automation Is Helping Businesses Like Yours

Maintenance contract and Subscription Renewals need to provide certain information to your customer like price per unit, details of the product and quantity requested. Customizable products, specifications and bulk orders take a long time to manage manually, resulting in a loss of productivity and possibly missing deadlines. Renewal automation simplifies this process and adds other benefits:

Improves Accuracy

Accuracy in renewals ensures that your goods and services are sold at the right price and encourages potential customers to close the sale.

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Increase Revenue and Productivity

Instantaneously send renewals and improve subscription renewals revenue processes. Never miss a sales opportunity and leave your staff free to pursue other revenue-generating activities, while our renewal automation handles many tasks in the background, including:

Provides Transparency

One of the greatest challenges faced by Resellers and Systems Integrators is finding reasonably priced service providers. While it’s normal to have ambiguous quotes as a customer is still shopping around, they certainly don’t want gray areas on their renewals.

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Enhances Customer Experience

Automating your renewals means your staff can spend more time developing a relationship with your customers and providing impeccable customer service.

Seamless Integration

Dalos renewal automation integrates with your ERP and CRM to allow for streamlined and effortless data exchanges that allow teams to communicate effectively and stay up-to-date with their client’s needs. Focus more on your business operations instead of spending hours trying to configure pricing parameters

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Upsell Opportunities

Eliminating administrative tasks enables your staff to spend time achieving business goals and upselling their clients.

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Dalos Leverages Your Existing Infrastructure

Dalos Integrates with the Systems You Already Use

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Get More Done With Renewal Automation

Resellers and system integrators are saving time and earning more with Dalos.

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What are your renewal challenges?

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The Dalos platform is vendor-agnostic; we typically work with leading technology OEMs such as Cisco, Azure, Juniper, Dell, Oracle, Zebra, Honeywell and SAP. We are also proud to partner with a range of innovative Tech OEMs to integrate and deploy our cutting-edge subscription and asset management solutions based on your business requirements.

The Dalos platform is a vendor-agnostic and robust platform that can partner with leading technology distributors such as Ingram Micro, BlueStar, and ScanSource. Regardless of the technology and systems of the distributor, we offer an integrated system that can be tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements. By working closely with your IT team and preferred distributors, we can integrate and deploy our cutting-edge subscription and asset management solutions.

Yes, the Dalos platform has built-in features that allow your renewal team to merge multiple maintenance and subscription contracts. 

Yes, the Dalos platform allows your renewal team to prorate assets and subscriptions to unify the expiration date and have a single master contract in place.

Yes, the Dalos platform has over twenty (20) email templates that are highly customizable to match your corporate identity. 

The Dalos platform automates the process of sending renewal quotes to your clients. We recommend sending the renewal quote ninety (90) days prior to the contract expiration date.  This ensures your clients have plenty of time to review and accept the renewal. The Dalos platform allows you to keep your clients informed throughout the process, providing them with reminders and alerts when their quote is due or a contract expiration date  is approaching. We aim to help ensure that every client’s subscription remains up-to-date and in good standing without any unnecessary delays. 

Once your renewal team releases the renewal quote, your client will receive an email requesting they review and approve the quote in the Dalos platform. They can easily do so with a few simple steps. First, they'll log into their account on the platform and click on the open renewal quotes. Next, they'll need to review the details of the quotes. Finally, they'll click the 'Approve Quote' button within the platform. Once this is done, the quote will be approved and sent back to your renewal team for fulfillment.

Yes, paying via credit card on the Dalos platform is a quick and easy process. The platform integrates with your existing credit card merchant.  You clients can enter their credit card information directly into the platform. Once they've entered their credit card details, they simply need to confirm the payment by clicking 'Submit Payment', and the information will be sent to your merchant for processing. No credit card details are made available to the renewal team.

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