Contract Subscription Renewal

Contract And Subscription Renewal

Allow your team to ditch the manual data analysis and calendar reminders required to locate upcoming renewal expirations and search for contract information. Dalos enables your team to know the status on every single contract at all times. You will never again miss an opportunity to renew a contract.

Contract and Subscription Renewal
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No Renewals Left Behind

Dalos automatically generates quotes for 100% of your contracts 90-120 days before expiration. Reseller teams simply need to verify the renewal duration and approve. Automation enables information from the customer approved quote to be instantly entered into the order.

Eliminate Manual Spreadsheets

Remove the need for expert pivot tables and formulas in order to create actionable data. Allow Dalos to tell you exactly when it’s time to renew a contract.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate having to copy contract information from your ERP or CRM systems to your quotes, and support your sales reps with the clean, concise and timely data they need to renew contracts.

Organization and Timely Reminders

Keep all information and data related to your contracts and renewals in one spot, and enable notifications to remind you when it’s time to pay attention to upcoming renewal dates.

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How Automated Contract & Subscription Renewals Are Growing Businesses Like Yours

Enable renewal managers to keep tabs on all quotes and contracts in one, simplified dashboards. Empower renewal reps to know exactly which contracts need attention and monitor all reminders and messages that are automatically being sent to customers.

Hassle-Free Renewals

Streamline administrative tasks necessary for contract renewal and never miss another opportunity to renew a subscription.

Steamline Admin Task for Contract Renewal
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Increase Productivity for contract or subscription renewal
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Increase Productivity

Eliminate hours of the administrative work it takes to locate upcoming renewals, make adjustments, send contracts to your customers for approval.

Intuitive Dashboard Views

Easily monitor service contracts, software licenses and subscription renewals. Visualize, optimize and prioritize your renewal process in a seamless and easy-to-use platform.

Intuitive Dalos Dashboard
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Customer Support Team
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100% Guaranteed Quote Generation

With automation and renewal triggers, you will never again miss an opportunity for renewal. Exponentially improve your renewal rates by adding our dynamic platform to your tech stack.

Clean Up Your Data

Eliminate the manual entry of duplicate information between your ERP and CRM and let Dalos do the work of monitoring for upcoming renewal dates and analyzing your contract data.

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Dalos Leverages Your Existing Infrastructure

Dalos integrates with the systems you already use to enable one-time data entry and enable accurate notifications for renewal dates.

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Maximize Your Renewals With Dalos

Leave no renewal behind with our automation software - designed specifically for resellers to increase profitability and maximize their time renewing contracts,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your renewal team releases the renewal quote or subscription, your client will receive an email notification requesting they review and approve the renewal quote in the Dalos platform. This is an easy process. First, they'll log into their account on the platform and click on the open renewal quotes. Next, they'll review the quote details. Finally, they'll click the 'Approve Quote' button within the platform. Once this is done, your renewal team will be notified of the approved quote and can proceed with your fulfillment process.

The Dalos platform automates the renewal process. Quotes are automatically generated ninety (90) days prior to expiration. Customers are notified of the quote and can approve it within the platform. The Dalos platform allows you to keep your clients informed throughout the process, providing them with reminders and alerts when their quote is due or a contract expiration is approaching. With Dalos, you can rest assured that every contract and subscription will result in a renewal quote. We aim to ensure that every client’s subscription remains up-to-date and in good standing without any unnecessary support delays due to expiration. 

When renewing a contract or subscription in the Dalos platform, customers have two options. They can either attach a purchase order (PO) document or pay via Credit card (assuming you have a credit card merchant). The admin can enable which feature each client has available.

If your clients do not renew their contract or subscription prior to expiration, the Dalos platform will identify the contract as expired and assets as no longer eligible for support. This is a great way to keep your clients aware of the status of contracts, subscriptions, and assets. You can allow your customers to renew the expired contract or subscription at a later date and can apply additional costs or penalties if desired.

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