How Does Dalos Platform Work?

Analyze your current renewal process.

Review your current renewal processes, systems, and data. Work with your channel OEMs and Distributors to aggregate and cleanse your data to understand your renewal revenue

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Set Renewal Revenue Goals

Benchmark your past and current renewal rate ( percentage of annual contracts renewed). Establish success measures

Begin the Onboarding Journey

Meet your Onboarding Project Team. Import your data into your branded web portal. Train and go live!

Start recognizing your renewal growth!

Your dedicated success manager will work closely with you to track success measures and ensure an optimal user experience

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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Eliminate the time, stress and financial loss of locating failing and broken devices. Be proactive with your IT network and know instantaneously where and when failures and outages are happening. Dalos’ IT Network Monitoring capabilities allow you to track network assets and provide real-time monitoring and notifications.

Avoid IT Disasters

Spot issues with your devices before they impact your business operations.

Source of Outage

Save time and resources locating failing devices, and instead look to your Dalos platform for real-time notifications.

Track Network Assets

Monitor the health and performance of your network infrastructure at all times.

I’m ready to save time and stress locating failing devices

I’m ready to save time and stress locating failing devices​

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How IT Network Monitoring Is Helping Businesses Like Yours

Keeping track of the health of your devices and identifying inevitable IT issues can be costly and time-consuming if done manually. Transform your network monitoring on our cloud-based platform and allow your team to focus on what matters most.

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Dalos helps you integrate with existing systems

Dalos simplifies system integration by providing a comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects with your existing systems.Through its intuitive interface, Dalos enables smooth data exchange and process synchronization, ensuring a hassle-free integration process. Embrace the efficiency and power of unified systems with Dalos’ user-friendly approach.

Innovate Your Renewal Process

Maximize Retention and Build a Healthy Service Margin Now