ITAM Governance Policies and Procedures at Dalos

Managing IT assets is a critical task for any IT administrator, especially in a dynamic company like Dalos. The process of logging, monitoring, and tracking assets is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and compliance with various frameworks such as ISO 27001/2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA HITECH, and NIST.

ITAM Governance Policies and Procedures

Establishing ITAM Governance Policies and Procedures

The foundation of our IT asset management (ITAM) program at Dalos is the establishment of governance policies and procedures. This step involves setting clear guidelines for how assets are requested, approved, and inventoried.

  • Acquisition of Hardware and Software:

We ensure that all IT assets are acquired from reputable, pre-approved vendors, following a stringent vendor risk assessment process.

  • Lifecycle Monitoring and Upgrading:

At Dalos, we continuously monitor and upgrade our IT assets throughout their lifecycle to ensure they meet our operational standards and security requirements.

  • Asset Disposal:

We have a robust process for decommissioning and securely disposing of assets at the end of their lifecycle, ensuring no data leakage or unauthorized access.

Governance and Training

Once the governance framework is established, we at Dalos distribute it across the organization and conduct necessary training. This ensures that all employees are aware of the processes and the company’s goals regarding asset management.

Asset Acquisition and Maintenance

After acquiring assets from vetted vendors, we log, tag, and configure them according to Dalos’s baseline security standards. Regular audits and compliance checks are part of our routine to maintain the integrity and security of our IT assets.

The Role of Audits

As part of our commitment to excellence, Dalos conducts cyclical quarterly audits and a full inventory audit annually. These audits help us identify and remediate any discrepancies, ensuring all assets are accounted for and no unauthorized assets are in use.

Upgrades and Disposal

We continuously assess our IT assets for upgrades or replacements. When an asset reaches the end of its usability, we follow a strict process for tracking and secure disposal, ensuring no organizational data is compromised.

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