The Software Asset Management Solution from Dalos

The Software Asset Management Solution from Dalos delivers comprehensive insights into your organization’s software environment, empowering you with full license management and software governance control.

The SAM Solution That Empowers Business

SAM is an important practice that empowers businesses to effectively manage their entire software landscape throughout their lifecycle. By implementing SAM solutions, organizations gain control over various aspects such as software management, deployment, license compliance, usage tracking, optimization, and even software disposal, regardless of whether it’s on-premises, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or cloud-based software.

With SAM solutions in place, you can proactively identify and address any concerns or issues within your software estate. For instance, SAM discovery tools play a vital role in discovering and identifying all installed software, ensuring compliance with your software purchases. This helps your business maintain control over potential legal and financial licensing risks, while also minimizing unnecessary expenses and achieving cost savings. Furthermore, it enables efficient software deployment, allowing your organization to streamline licensing data and enhance future licensing strategies, ultimately contributing to better operational efficiency.

Software Asset Management Solution from Dalos

The Core Benefits of Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) plays a vital role in enabling organizations to effectively manage their software assets and mitigate potential risks. Here are some key drivers that highlight the significance of implementing SAM:

Software Asset Visibility

Having a real-time view of your IT landscape is essential for software asset tracking and effective lifecycle management. Without clear visibility into your software assets, it becomes challenging to manage and optimize them. Additionally, this information can also benefit other IT functions such as Service Management and IT operations.

Reduce Audit Risks and Maintain License Compliance

Anticipating vendor audit letters can be difficult, and software vendors are increasingly shortening response times for audit requests. To effectively manage software costs and minimize audit risks, maintaining continuous license compliance is crucial. By implementing a comprehensive SAM solution, you stay one step ahead, providing software vendors with the necessary information without the disruption of undergoing an audit. This proactive approach allows you to focus on actively reducing software costs rather than solely defending against audit requests.

Potential Repercussions of Non-compliance

During an audit, if your organization is found to have deployed software without proper entitlement, serious repercussions can occur. Firstly, there may be significant, often unforeseen financial implications as you may be required to pay for unauthorized software usage. It is not uncommon for software to be deployed unintentionally, leading to unnecessary costs for unused software. Secondly, software audits can harm your business’s reputation, particularly if they result in messy legal battles. Protecting your reputation is crucial, as clients, partners, and stakeholders place importance on ethical and compliant business practices. By prioritizing Software Asset Management and implementing effective SAM solutions, businesses can proactively manage their software assets, minimize risks associated with audits, optimize costs, and maintain a strong reputation in the industry.

The Additional Advantages of Software Asset Management

In addition to the core benefits, Software Asset Management (SAM) provides several other advantages that contribute to effective software management and business success. Here are some of these benefits:

Negotiating Software Renewals

Managing software contracts and renewals can be complex, with each product having its own terms and conditions. Understanding these contracts and their alignment with your software strategy is crucial during renewal negotiations. By maintaining compliance and having a clear understanding of your Effective License Position (ELP), you can negotiate from a position of strength, ensuring favorable terms and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Supporting Future Business Growth

During business mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, it’s essential to account for valuable assets, including IT assets and software licenses. Implementing a robust SAM solution helps mitigate licensing risks and ensures compliance during such transformative events. Software vendors often target businesses with audits during these times of disruption. Having a SAM solution in place enables a clear understanding of software assets ahead of deals, reducing risks and costs associated with non-compliance.

Increased Security

Maintaining security across your software landscape is critical. A comprehensive SAM solution helps identify and manage vulnerabilities, not only for primary “Tier 1” software but also for lesser-used “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” software. Without proper visibility into your software inventory, it becomes challenging to identify and patch security vulnerabilities. With an enterprise-class SAM solution, you can actively discover, identify, and maintain a live inventory of all deployed software, enhancing overall security posture.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

An effective SAM solution includes a detailed inventory of your entire IT infrastructure. By providing real-time access to information, it eliminates information barriers and empowers IT teams with the data they need for daily operations. Shifting from manual data exports to live dashboard reporting improves productivity and efficiency across various IT functions. Furthermore, a unified understanding of your IT infrastructure fosters better communication among IT teams, creating a “single source of truth.”

Keeping Software Up-to-Date

While minimizing wastage is important, it’s equally crucial to ensure that software is up-to-date and patched against vulnerabilities. SAM tools can be configured to automatically identify, remove, and replace specific software without requiring user or IT intervention. This policy-driven automation streamlines the software lifecycle, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced risk. Software Asset Management goes beyond core benefits and provides additional advantages such as facilitating successful contract negotiations, supporting business growth, enhancing security measures, improving efficiency and productivity, and ensuring up-to-date software across the organization. These benefits contribute to a more streamlined and effective software management process.
Dalos Software Asset Management(SAM) Solution

Streamlining Software Environment Management

Managing software environments can be complex, as different environments require specific approaches and solutions. Let’s explore how Software Asset Management (SAM) can effectively handle various software environments:

End-User Devices

From desktops to mobile devices, managing the licensing on end-user devices is crucial. This typically involves per-user or per-device licensing metrics. Our Dalos for Enterprise SAM solution provides comprehensive coverage for managing end-user device licenses, ensuring compliance and optimization.


Managing software vendors in data center environments presents unique challenges that require specialized license management solutions. Datacenter software management is more complex and expensive compared to general end-user environments. That’s why we offer specific solutions designed to address the intricacies of major data center vendors. Our Dalos for IBM, Dalos for SAP Applications, and Dalos for Oracle solutions cater to the complexities of managing licenses in data center environments.

SaaS Subscriptions

SAM also extends to Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions. While SaaS subscriptions eliminate the risk of software audits, they can result in increased wastage compared to on-premises software. Reviewing SaaS subscriptions should be an integral part of your SAM process since nearly 50% of SaaS applications go unused, representing unnecessary costs. Our Dalos for SaaS solution enables effective management and optimization of SaaS subscriptions, reducing wastage and maximizing value.


Cloud environments introduce their own set of licensing challenges, particularly with the concept of “Bring Your Own License” (BYOL). BYOL allows you to utilize existing on-premises licenses in the cloud, leading to significant cost savings of up to 70-80% on cloud software licensing. To leverage BYOL effectively, you need a clear understanding of your on-premises licenses and accurate assignment of licenses to the cloud. Our unified platform solution, Dalos, seamlessly handles both on-premises and cloud environments. Additionally, Vitado by Dalos enables you to manage multi-cloud environments through a single pane of glass, streamlining cloud license management. By offering specific SAM solutions for different software environments, we ensure comprehensive coverage and tailored management approaches for end-user devices, datacenters, SaaS subscriptions, and cloud environments. This unified approach simplifies software management, enhances compliance, reduces costs, and optimizes licensing across your entire IT landscape.

Dalos -As Your Software Asset Management Solution

Dalos provides comprehensive SAM solutions that help businesses optimize software usage, reduce costs, and ensure compliance. With Dalos, companies can gain a holistic view of their software inventory, track licenses, and efficiently allocate resources. By implementing Dalos SAM, organizations can streamline operations, mitigate risks, and maximize the value of their software investments. Trust Dalos for efficient software asset management solutions.